Hey, I’m Mallory!  

I’ve never settled for typical meals. I enjoy tempting my palate, stretching my culinary skills, and savoring the succulent details of every dish I make & eat. Food is more than my love language; it’s my preferred language. 

I throw my heart into food and cooking and I want to share this love with you, on the pages of Mallory RDN. As a dietitian, I’ve always connected with people when it came to discussing their favorite foods, their eating habits, and the recipes they love to cook at home.

Other interesting tidbits about me:

I call Salt Lake City home currently. It’s a new-ish home but I’m a big fan of this place.

Olives are the only food you won’t find me eating, ever!

I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors, even though sometimes there are a lot of bugs. But the outdoors help keep me centered and activities such as hiking/biking/camping/hammocking/gardening make me so dang happy.

Seeking out farmers markets and different grocery stores is one of my favorite hobbies. That is considered a hobby, right!? They’re also one of my best tips on how to explore a new city or town!

I have the world’s best dishwasher. His name is Jacob and we met over 7 years ago when we were undergrads at Saint Louis University. 

Thanks for being here! Please reach out, I would love to get to know you and connect.